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>News>Company Announcement>Far Eastern New Century (FENC®) announces a Prestigious Sustainability Award from adidas for Ocean Plastic Recycled Project at TITAS TAIPEI 2016
Far Eastern New Century (FENC®) announces a Prestigious Sustainability Award from adidas for Ocean Plastic Recycled Project at TITAS TAIPEI 2016

Far Eastern New Century (TAIEX:1402) a global leader in smart textile innovation, design and manufacturing, received a prestigious Sustainability Award from adidas for its close collaboration on Ocean Plastic Recycled Project.

“9 million tons of plastic are dumped into the world’s oceans every year – from littering, fishing vessels and improper waste management. Scientists expect the amount of plastic trash in the oceans to double in the next decade. Not only do fish and marine animals get entangled in plastic, they eat it and humans in turn eat the fish from the same oceans. In fact by 2050, scientists predict that there will be more plastic (by weight) than fish in the ocean.  And FENC® is doing as much as we can about it” said Eric Huang (Senior Vice President, FENC® Filament)

Innovative Solutions from FENC – turning ocean plastic waste bottles into fashion

FENC® is well-known and committed to sustainable development of products. Our commitment to environmental protection resulted in sustainable products that include transforming waste bottles into high quality yarns such as the FENC® TOPGREEN® Fiber. FENC® has become the major supplier for recycled PET products for international brands including NIKE, adidas, Decathlon and H&M. We have successfully integrated FENC® TOPGREEN® into our entire supply chain - from PET bottle flake grinding, chip production, filament extrusion, yarn texturization, through to knitting and dyeing.

Working in close collaboration with adidas and Parley (a Non-Governmental Organization) in 2016, FENC® resolved the problem of ocean plastic waste bottles, turning the ocean plastic debris into high quality performance fabric materials.

“We leveraged our strongest asset capability of vertical integration for the recycling process, its complicated work but we at FENC® took on the challenge. This is a global issue and the only competition we have is against time.  It is great to see many of our global partners and peers engaged in this initiative.  The oceans need to be saved for our future generations and the more organizations and brands involved, the merrier”, added Eric Huang.

adidas recently announced its 2020 Sustainability Strategy, with a commitment to extending the use of more sustainable materials such as Better Cotton, Recycled Polyester and Ocean Plastic. adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans to raise awareness about the issue of plastic pollution in the Oceans. In conjunction with local organizations, Parley developed recovery systems for ocean plastic in island nations. Bottle bales were sent to Oriental Resource Development (ORD, a subsidiary of FENC®) to convert into polyester flakes, before FENC® takes over and converts the polyester flakes into recycled chips and high quality yarns.

adidas will graduate Ocean Plastic into their product line. Lending our expertise in PET recycling, FENC is the key supplier for this high profile project. 

Other Innovative Recycling Solutions from FENC®  

In addition to green sustainable solutions, functional performance is another cornerstone of our innovations. Through our close working partnerships with domestic fabric suppliers, we are converting waste fabric scraps into high performance yarns using FENC’s Textile-to-Textile (T2T) technology.

FENC® Filament SBU has also launched our new dope dyeing (solution dyeing) technology, while maintaining the same standard of color fastness and water free attributes of conventional dope-dyeing. This new technology significantly increases the color palate while simultaneously decreasing the minimum order quantity (MOQ) at much higher production efficiency

Moisture Management

In collaboration with 3M – we have created FENC® TopDry® which raises the bar in one way wicking performance to provide a true dry interior, thus effectively eliminating skin clamminess to maximize comfort.

 And Many More Innovative Products at TITAS Taipei 2016

FENC® Solarfreered TM, advanced near-infrared (nIR) reflective yarn, shields the skin from irradiative heat caused by solar nIR, so as to maintain cooler temperatures even under direct sunlight, while also protecting against accelerated dermal aging caused by both nIR and UV.

FENC® EZ-dyeTM permits PET dyeing at much lower temperatures, simultaneously reducing energy consumption during dyeing processes while also enhancing color brilliance.

FENC® Eagelon® anti-microbial yarn utilizes EPA (Environmental Protection Administration) approved eco-friendly anti-microbial agents dispersed throughout the PET yarn. This allows superior performance and durability compared to conventional post-fabric finishing and usage flexibility. FENC® Eagelon® is appointed as the anti-microbial yarn for use by many famous footwear brands.

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