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FENC and 7-ELEVEN First Launch PET Recycling Initiative in Taiwan

Far Eastern New Century (FENC), the global leading recycling polyester manufacturer, has been developing and cultivating circular economy by its state-of-the-art technology to reuse PET waste bottles into high value added products. 
In an industry first, FENC and 7-ELEVEN exclusively have developed a closed loop recycling solution in Taiwan that ensures post consumed recycled (PCR) PET bottles to be reused into new apparels or food contact packagings in the near future.

FENC is the worldwide Top 3 food grade recycled PET (RPET) producer and provides high quality recycled product to global beverage brands. FENC’s recycle polyester production sites cover Taiwan, Japan, USA, and will expand its footprint to Vietnam by 2023. FENC exclusively provides food grade recycled PET (RPET) for Fiji Water and also provides to Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Suntory and Asahi beverage brands globally. FENC’s RPET has acquired FDA approval of the US, Japan, and Canada, and EU EFSA. 

FENC is devoted to global carbon reduction and had recycled more than 20 billion PET bottles in 2021 which was equivalent to 580,000 metric tons greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction. By using FENC’s recycling process, we process reusable resource into high value-added recycled polyester products which can reduce 63% greenhouse gas emission. FENC sets up the goals to reduce GHG emissions 20% by 2025, 40% by 2030 and commits to achieving net zero by 2050 by improving energy efficiency, seeking low-carbon fuels, developing renewable energy and utilizing CCUS technology. FENC would continue building up PET closed loop systems and pursues ongoing refinement and harmonious coexistence with society and environment, joining hands with stakeholders for a sustainable future

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